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Curated and organised by Bea Buckland-Willis, Multiply was originally created to offer an opportunity for print media artists to showcase their work with a focus on accessibility and creative freedom. Exhibiting can be expensive and consequently inaccessible for many artists, Multiply seeks to make space for these creatives by charging zero gallery fees and zero commission with 100% of proceeds going to artists themselves.


However, Covid-19 restrictions made a physical event impossible, and the exhibition was re-conceptualised to take place in a virtual space. Despite this setback, the ethos behind the show has become even more poignant, with artists being provided little to no support by the Australian government in the face of massive loss of work and income.

With over 25 artists, Multiply pushes the boundaries of print media, playing with a variety of mediums and themes ranging from traditional fine art prints to digital installations. Hand-picked by Buckland-Willis, the artists' works speak to the vitality, versatility and enduring relevance of printmaking in the 21st century.

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