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dimensions variable


Dimensions Variable refers to a term artists use when referencing work that cannot easily be measured or described due to the unconventional nature of its design. This show, envisioned by printmaking collective More Than Reproduction, sought to shine a light on experimental printmaking practice. Buckland-Willis' works I am not in my body, Disappointment Snippets and Fighting the Inevitable (Construct) were selected to be a part of this exhibition due to their interactive or unconventional interplay with traditional printmaking practice. 

As described by MTR; 

"Navigating the juncture between traditional methodologies and formal innovations, Dimensions Variable explores the active disruption of the fundamental attributes of printmaking through installation, sculpture, and technological overlay. Tradition and innovation oppose, interact, and merge to present new ways of working with and understanding the potential of a resistant, yet increasingly malleable medium."

For more information about the show visit:

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